Planet Mint Details🪐

All you need to know about the upcoming Planets Mint!

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4 min readJan 26, 2023

Welcome to Atlantis Planets Mint my dear Argonauts! 🔥

  • Are you ready to go on expeditions?
  • Compete in races?
  • Earn lucrative rewards?

Then pay attention, because the Planets mint is at the heart of everything Atlantis.

Mint Details

Number of Planets: 6,000

VIP Whitelist Mint Date: 1st Feb 2023, 2PM — 4PM UTC
VIP Price: 750 CRO
Max Mint: 10 Planets

Whitelist Mint Date: 1st Feb 2023, 4PM — 10PM UTC
Whitelist Price: 810 CRO
Max Mint: 20 Planets

Public Mint Date: 1st Feb 2023, 10PM UTC onwards
Public Price: 900 CRO
Max Mint: Unlimited

Planets will be minted as pre-reveal NFTs. Reveal will happen 7 days after the mint concludes

Why are we pricing in $ terms to be converted to $CRO?

Whilst we do plan our drops at $CRO <> $USD equivalents – we understand many users operate in USD and given recent volatile conditions, spikes in $CRO movements are rather likely

As a team and community – we’d like to keep price expectations as close to constant as possible

Technical Details

  • The mint will be a unrevealed mint. The reveal is set to happen on the 9th Feb 1400 UTC
  • The team has put in place multiple levels of protection and QA to prevent the possibility of metadata leakage
  • The team will be minting 25 planets at random, these planets will be kept as reserves for future giveaways/events
  • Planet ID will range from #1 — #6012. The ID will be randomised during the mint. Planet ID #1 — #12 will be reserved for a secret event happening when Atlantis go live. More to be announced on this.

Whitelist Qualifications

Here we break down what it takes to achieve the various tiers of whitelist.

VIP Whitelist

  • Level 5 in Crew3 (2200 XP — it’s really not hard 😄)
  • Argo Ambassadors (Discord role — no longer earnable)
  • Argo OGs (Discord role — no longer earnable)
  • bCRO Barons (Own 250K $bCRO, verified on discord)


  • Own more than 3 Argonauts
  • Partner giveaways (check twitter for more of our partner WL giveaways!)

You will be able to check your whitelist eligibility directly at Atlantis Minting page (Link to be shared upon announcement) 2 days before Mint, just by connecting your wallet to the website.

Snapshot (crew3 and Argonauts ownership for WL)

Snapshots for both Crew3 and Argonauts will be held at a random time on 29th January 2023

So how will be we get addresses for Argonauts WL?

We’ll be conducting a snapshot of all staked and wallet held argonauts — so don’t worry about unstaking your Argonauts from farms 🔥


Spaceships are another crucial component in our ecosystem. As we’ve mentioned before:

  1. Every planet owner will get 1x spaceship per mint
  2. Pill holders will also be airdropped a 1x spaceship per pill

All spaceships will be dropped at random — which means that as a pill holder, that’s an extra ticket for a chance at a rare spaceship 🔥
All airdrops will be qualified by a snapshot — so hold on to your planets after mint!

Mint Milestones

Every now and then people like to have fun. And no one more so than us — WHY MAKE MINTS BORING? So what we’re going to do is to lump in a bunch of rewards and thingamajigs into our mint process 🔥

Things happen as we hit milestones — we’re going to release more details on this soon, so keep an eye out 😄


The team is incredibly excited for this, simply because it’s the next step towards the full launch of Atlantis.

If you’re still not qualified for WL — consider getting some Argonauts or perhaps even just participate in our Crew3 (It is really not all that hard to hit level 5 😎)

We’re extremely passionate about our next step as a protocol, and we hope you are too as you join us on this journey!

Smooth sailing Argonauts, watch the skies 👀

Connect with us, Argonauts.

We are building a family here at Argo. Join our socials, keep up with our latest news, and chat with us, we look forward to answering any doubts and questions.

Be an #Argonaut today.

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