Phase 2: Argonauts Odyssey

Qualify for weekly NFT Airdrops, get $CRO rewards from Odyssey Treasure Chest

Introducing The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a 10-week event that ultimately aims to share CRO rewards with Argonauts holders. Complete weekly Quests, Earn weekly NFTs, Get $CRO rewards from the Odyssey treasure chest.

What Is Odyssey?

The Odyssey operates via a set of weekly quests

  1. Every Monday 0800 UTC, a quest will be announced on the Odyssey page
  2. Complete the quest requirements, sign a transaction, RT the week’s Tweet
  3. On Friday 0800 UTC, a snapshot will be taken based on quest requirements
  4. Wallet addresses who qualify for the week’s Odyssey NFTs will be airdropped the NFT within 48 hours!

How Much $CRO Is In The Treasure Chest?

The amount of $CRO will be proportional to the Secondary Sales volume of the Argonauts at the end of the Odyssey based on the respective milestone tranche. Once the Argonauts crossed the next milestone, the Odyssey treasure chest will increase to the next proportionate amount.

FAQ and Explanations

So the general flow is pretty straightforward:

1. How Will I Complete Quests?

Every week Monday 0800 UTC, a trait or series of traits will appear on the Odyssey site

  • Check-in to the weekly quest (Requires a Gas-less signing)
  • Hold the required Argonaut with that trait in your wallet by the time of the snapshot
  • RT the week’s Quest tweet to promote it!

2. What If I Own More Than 1 Of The Required Argonauts?

Congratulations explorer — each eligible Argonaut you own qualifies you for 1 Odyssey NFT for the week. So owning 3 of the eligible Argonauts qualifies your wallet address for 3 Odyssey NFTs airdrops for the week.

4. How Much CRO Will I get With My Odyssey NFTs?

How much CRO you receive is based on 3 things:

  • How much CRO is in the final pot
  • How many Odyssey NFTs were earned globally during the 10 weeks
  • How many Odyssey NFTs you own

5. Where can I exchange my Odyssey NFTs for Treasure Chest CRO?

As we mentioned, there will be a grand snapshot at the end of the event to record each wallet and their respective amount of Odyssey NFTs. The treasure chest $CRO will be subsequently airdropped across this long list of addresses.

6. What does the Treasure Chest contain?

CRO, lots of it.

Readying ourselves for Phase 3

Whilst we launch Phase 2 with Odyssey, we look forward to towards Phase 3, where we will embark on a completely new and exciting new journey with the Argonauts.

Connect with us, Argonauts.

We are building a family here at Argo. Join our socials, keep up with our latest news, and chat with us, we look forward to answering any doubts and questions.



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