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4 min readApr 5, 2023

Welcome Argonauts to the preview of Atlantis and the treasures that lie within

Welcome Argonauts to the Atlantis Testnet

You’re an early one, owner of an Atlantis planet. The testnet is a special session for all planet holders to get an early glimpse of Atlantis, and at the same time, test the gameplay mechanics and stand a chance to win rewards.

Much to dissect in this article, but to break it down:

  1. Testnet details
  2. Connecting to testnet
  3. Collecting your test tokens and NFTs from the Faucet
  4. What to do during testnet
  5. Bug Reporting
  6. Testnet rewards

This article is meant to be a summary of all key Testnet matters. For more detaled information, please refer to our documents. For the fast, a quick start guide is available in our documents here

Testnet Details

Duration: 7th April 0900 UTC — 21st April 0900 UTC
Eligible Testers: Whitelisted wallets (Wallets that hold planets during snapshot)
Snapshot date: Completed on 4th April (Block: 7709039)
Testnet link:
Testnet chain: Cronos Testnet

Connecting to Cronos Testnet

What you want to do first is to set up and connect to the testnet using the following details

Network Name: Cronos Testnet
Chain ID: 338
Currency Symbol: TCRO
Block Explorer URL:

If you have trouble with this, we have a step-by-step guide for

Collecting your test tokens and NFTs

Now before you get excited, these tokens and NFTs hold no value as they are only held on Cronos testnet. They do however, have the same abilities as the real thing 😃

Now, your whitelisted address will be airdropped TCRO soon. But you can also visit to get dropped 50 TCRO. Either way you’ll receive TCRO from us as a baseline so please do not worry.

What you want to do next is to visit the Atlantis faucet here when testnet is live

  • Connect your wallet
  • Sign the transaction

After that, you should have received all your required tokens

Note: You can only use the Faucet ONCE, do not squander your TCRO or assets

What to do during Testnet?

Confused? Lost?

No worries, the team has a document prepared just for this HERE

You should refer to the documents for all steps, this article is but a summary of the information you need. Below is a quick list of items you’ll need to do in order to meet the testnet requirements

  • Convert GOLD to Stardust
  • Go on 1 Planet Expedition
  • Upgrade Equipment once
  • Upgrade Spaceship once
  • Stake 1 Spaceship into any race (any tier)
  • Upgrade Planet once
  • Upgrade Fire Gemstone once
  • List any tier of Fire gemstone on the marketplace

Bug Reporting

This my fellow Argonauts, is the key to the Testnet.

We strive to provide you the best experience, but at the same time, we do want the community to be part of this journey as well, so that everyone can have a fun and fair experience on our official launch

What should you watch out for:

  • Mistakes in tokens and NFTs given out
  • Mistakes in the player interface
  • Improvements/mistakes in user experience
  • Anything that you think could be a potential error

How should I report a potential bug?

  1. Head over to our discord page:
  2. Go to create a ticket and select BUG REPORT

3. Complete the form

How do I fill the form?

Good question. A more detailed look of how to do a bug report is available in this link here

Whilst the team appreciates all feedback, please do not spam us with multiple items that are not a bugs or errors — this prevents the team from solving critical issues during testnet.

Now, you might be wondering, why should I even report bugs or use the testnet? Wait not more — read on:

Testnet Rewards

Unlike your testnet tokens, these testnet rewards are real and will exist on Cronos Mainnet (ie; where your real planets and tokens are)

Users who participate and complete all basic tasks will be airdropped equipment, which are key to increasing your spaceship’s speed

As for the other rewards, only the most hardcore and dedicated of bug searchoors and testers will get to receive them

Want some prizes? Get ready Argonauts, the testnet will arrive soon! 🔥

Connect with us, Argonauts.

We are building a family here at Argo. Join our socials, keep up with our latest news, and chat with us, we look forward to answering any doubts and questions.

Be an #Argonaut today.

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