Launching: Atlantean Trove

Get ready to stake your Argo Petz for rewards!

Argo Finance
4 min readSep 20, 2023

GM Argonauts, we’re going live with the Atlantean Trove. Get ready for an action packed season of staking and rewards with your Argo Petz! Strap in because we’re diving straight into the details 🔥

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  1. What is the Atlantean Trove?
  2. Launch Details
  3. Petz Staking Mechanics
  4. Future of Petz Staking

What is the Atlantean Trove?

The Atlantean Trove is a time-limited seasonal event to celebrate the launch of Argo Petz.

The Trove is a secret location in the far reaches of the galaxy, home to vast treasure hordes and infinite riches.

Every week, the Trove is opened, revealing a riches and rewards that are sure to excite any adventurer. The prizes on offer vary from week to week, ranging from Stardust to xARGO, bCRO to even rarer goods, and are designed to appeal to a wide range of interests and tastes.

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a newcomer to the world of Atlantis, the Atlantean Trove is the perfect place to discover new and exciting prizes that will keep you coming back for more 🔥

Launch Details

When: 25 September 8AM UTC
Location: Atlantis website (Atlantean Trove tab)

Atlantean Trove Mechanics

The direction to the Trove can only be found with a chosen Starmap z— Starmapz are miniscule celestial maps that can only be crafted by the mystical Petz, and when the time comes, only a few are selected to be chosen, leading the way for a lucky Argo Petz to find the Trove.

  1. Crafting of Starmapz — Argonauts have to stake their Argo Petz into Starpods to begin crafting Starmapz in a process known as crafting. Each Petz generates 1 Starmapz every 1 hour.
  2. Selection — Each cycle lasts a week. At the end of each cycle, a predetermined amount of Starmapz are chosen at random, giving the respective owners the right to the treasures in the Trove. (If there are 10 prizes for that week, 10starmapz are chosen)

To bring it all together, Petz can be staked to craft 1 Starmapz every 1 hour.

At the end of each weekly cycle, Starmapz are chosen at random to give their owner the right to claim a prize from the Trove.

Key point: More Starmapz = higher chance of being chosen 🔥🔥🔥

Staking for Starmapz

Each Petz can be staked to earn Starmapz at the rate of 1 Mapz per hour. Each of these Mapz are non-tradable and tagged only to your petz. This is regardless of how many Petz you’ve owned or staked, each Petz will only generate Mapz for themselves.

These Starmapz DO NOT EXPIRE, meaning that after every week’s draw, they remain tagged to your Petz for subsequent draws. The longer you have your Petz staked, the more Starmapz they will have 🚀

Prize Draw

At the end of each cycle — 1 week, a predetermined amount of Starmapz are chosen at random, giving the respective owners the right to the treasures in the Trove. The more Starmapz your Petz has, the higher your chances of obtaining one of the prizes.

If you are selected as a winner, prizes will be airdropped to your wallet in the next 48 hours. Users may also view if they won by checking the results page.

Unstaking Petz

Whilst Mapz are continuously accrued to your staked Petz, the act of unstaking your Petz destroys all previously accumulated Mapz. It doesn’t matter if your had 10 Mapz or a 1,000 — clicking unstake reverses all of that. We want to continue rewarding those who remain loyal and stick through the staking process, and will continue to do so.

Unstake with care!

Future of Atlantean Trove & Petz

The team at Argo is constantly thinking about 2 things, value and sustainability. We’ve always sought to balance and strive for the best of both worlds and are continuing to do so.

Whilst the Trove will reward Petz stakers, this will eventually transition towards Proof-of-Loyalty, where Petz stakers will participate in on-chain gamified loyalty. All of this is in testing and will be launched in phases. Our core Earn process will still remain within the core Atlantis game loop with the marketplace, Planets expeditions, Spaceship Racing, STARDUST and GOLD.

We value sustainability as we understand that we are in a pro-longed bear market and only those who built carefully will survive. The Proof-of-Loyalty concept will be core within future iterations of Atlantean Trove, stay tuned Argo Fam!