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Expanding the Argonauts Ecosystem with our latest Play-to-Earn offering

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7 min readJan 18, 2023

GM Argonauts, today we officially launch our Journey to Phase 3 — Atlantis.

You ready? Let’s Dive In.


Welcome to Atlantis, an exciting new play-to-earn game within the Argonauts ecosystem. Go on expeditions, find new resources, upgrade your spaceships and race other players for rewards and dominance. We are on the cusp of a great new adventure Argonauts! Atlantis awaits!

What is Atlantis and how do I play the game?

There are 2 core game loops in Atlantis:

  1. Going on Planet Expeditions
  2. Going on Spaceship Races

Atlantis consists of a few interwoven key assets, namely:

  • Planets
  • Spaceships
  • Equipment
  • Argonauts
  • Resources (Stardust, Gold, Gemstones, xARGO)

In brief, Planets are resource lands, consistently producing the resources needed to play, earn, and progress in this game. Spaceships are prize earners, racing for even larger portions of resource rewards. Equipment are items used to make spaceships faster and more competitive. Stardust, Gold and Gemstones are the lifeblood resources within the land of Atlantis, to be won and used in the ecosystem. Argonauts are the game changers, applying boosts to both Spaceships and Planets in their respective game loops.

Whilst there is a lot of math that goes into how the game is played, we will cover the base explanation of the game in this article and dive into specifics in future threads and posts!


Your journey starts off with the Planets you own (wen mint ser?). Planets can be thought of as Factories or Lands, producing the required resources needed to play and progress, but also to profit 👀

There exists 3 Planet elements and 10 different orbits

There are three main planet element types, namely:

  • Fire
  • Steel
  • Lightning

Each planet will be surrounded with 1 out of the 10 unique Orbits, where the combination defines the planet rarity.

Each of these planet element types and orbits bear a unique look, and also yield Gemstones specific to said element type (Fire, Steel, Lightning — you can think of gemstones as materials)

Go on Planet expeditions and earn Atlantis resources

When owning a planet, Players can go on expeditions on said planets, which yield valuable resources — Stardust and Gemstones, which can be used to upgrade Equipment and planets. Players can also trade these resources on the marketplace to more competitive players👀, allowing harvesters to earn while they play 🔥

Generally, higher levelled planets and higher rarity planets will result in better yields 🚀

Planets are upgradeable with enhanced dynamic images and improved stats

We believe that gaming NFT assets should constantly be evolving rather than a static image.

One of the exciting features of Atlantis is the ability to upgrade your planets using resources such as xARGO, Stardust, and Gemstones (new utility added for xARGO!). These upgrades not only increase the expedition yield of your planets, allowing you to earn more resources, but they also allow you to enhance and improve the appearance of your planets.

As you upgrade your planets, at certain points you’ll notice that they become more vibrant and detailed. Both of these factors add an extra layer of depth and fun to the gameplay. Players can continue to upgrade their planets to create the best planet for their playstyle and to achieve higher production, making the game a more diverse and engaging experience 😏


In Atlantis, spaceships play a crucial role in earning resources. Players can race their spaceships against other players’ ships to win valuable resources — namely Stardust and Gold (Note that only Planets can produce the ever important Gemstones). Races are won based on speed, so it’s important to have a fast and well-upgraded spaceship to come out on top 🙌

Like planets, Spaceships come in 3 rarity tiers (Common, Uncommon, Rare) which affect their speed and the type of race they can participate in.

Compete in Spaceship races and earn valuable prizes!

“How do I race?” you ask

Spaceships are deployed into local races based on their tier, but are also concurrently participating into a global race, where all tiers of spaceships compete for prizes.

Thus your spaceship, when deployed into a race, is automatically enrolled into 1) local race 2) global race

For example, a Rare spaceship can only be deployed into a Rare race, but will also concurrently join the Global race.

How do you earn prizes then?

Stardust and Gold are prizes allocated to each type of race and spaceships share the prizes proportionally based on their speed. Thus, if you have a higher speed spaceship, you:

  • Earn more prizes from your local race
  • Earn more prizes from the global race

Conclusion? A rarer and more upgraded spaceship gives you a significant advantage and more rewards over other players 🔥 💰

Spaceships are upgradable and have dynamic images based on your equipment parts

That’s right, we don’t do things simple here in Argo. Your spaceships are dynamic and upgradable as well — they change in appearance depending on what Equipment parts you have equipped.

One of the key features of spaceships in Atlantis is the ability to upgrade them using Equipment. These upgrades not only increase the speed of your spaceship, but they also change its appearance. With each upgrade, players can make their spaceship look unique and stand out among the other players.

Your spaceship rarity tier alone will never be the only determinant of speed, we made sure of that. Get racing Argonauts ⏩ 🚀


The ever important Equipment. There are a total of 3 Equipment parts:

  • Inferno Thrusters 💥
  • Argonium Exoshell ⛓
  • Thunderbolt Wings ⚡️

All 3 Equipment parts can be equipped on a spaceship, but only 1 of each type can be equipped in any instance.

Why are Equipment important?

Rarer spaceships tend to be faster — however, we did not design the spaceship speed to be purely dependent on luck. Equipment actually increase the base speed of spaceships significantly ⚡️

What this means is that a common spaceship with more/upgraded equipment can actually be faster than a base rare spaceship.

It’s not all about the luck of the draw.

Equipment can be combined, upgraded, and boosted

To bring this to the next level, equipment can be upgraded to increase the speed they give to spaceships. Each level of equipment brings a significant speed boost to your ship 🚀

How do you upgrade? Simply get a equivalent levelled and type of equipment and fuse them. There is a cost to fusion (gemstones and stardust), but more on that in a future thread.

For example, to get a Level 3 Inferno Thruster, you will need to fuse 2 Level 2 Inferno Thrusters.


The ever important piece of the puzzle. Argonauts 😎

Argonauts can be staked with both planets and spaceships to increase their capabilities. This allows players to further optimize their resource production and spaceship performance, giving them an edge in the game.

You can think of an Argonaut as a force multiplier — increasing the effectiveness of everything that you do, from speed to yield. They are and always will be key to the entire ecosystem.

If you haven’t realise by now, Atlantis adds multitudes of utility to the Argonauts. Argonauts will be extremely valuable and scarce to how well you proceed and excel in the Atlantis.


Resources will be key items that determines how fast and how well you progress in Atlantis. There are 4 key resources:

  • Gold
  • Stardust
  • Gemstones
  • xARGO

These resources will play a crucial role in your progress into the Atlantis. Yes, you read that right, xARGO’s utility and value accrual will be further enhanced as it becomes intertwined deeply within the core game loops in Atlantis. Further detailed information will be shared in upcoming announcements.

What’s Next?

Hint: Planet Genesis Mint.

Now that we’ve covered the base of Atlantis — we begin the countdown. Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be revealing more information with regards to how the community can get Planets / Spaceships and all the other key assets.

Furthermore, we’ll be deep diving into each portion of the game with threads and new articles — so that everyone is clear on what is important in Atlantis from Day 1 🔥

The team is incredibly excited for Phase 3 and the new phases this will open up for the community — Keep your eyes peeled and await more news! 👀 🚀

Smooth sailing Argonauts

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