Introducing: ArgoPetz

Unique rare companions are arriving to the Argonauts ecosystem with amazing utility and rewards!

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3 min readJul 20, 2023

The world of ArgoPetz

Welcome to ArgoPetz, the next phase of the Argonauts & Atlantis expansion. This is an extremely unique companion to the Argonauts and are utility-packed.

ArgoPetz are galactic creatures that come in a variety of forms, each with its own unique looks and attributes. But ArgoPetz are more than just companions; they have practical uses within the Argo ecosystem — key being the only known way to access the Atlantean Trove, the upcoming Atlantis expansion.

Minting Details

Date: 31st July 2023
Time: 2PM UTC

Mark your calendars, ArgoFam!

We will be dropping a separate post in the coming week to share more about the minting details — Mint Price, Max quantities, Mint Milestones, Mint Rewards, Exact timing for whitelists / public. Stay tuned.


Whitelists will be very competitive, but you will be able to get them if you meet any of the below criteria:

  1. Hit 2000 XP on our latest Zealy Sprint 🚀
  2. Own 3 or more Argonauts 🌔
  3. Own 3 or more Planets 🪐
  4. Winning Partner giveaway

Snapshot for Argonaut & Planets holders will be taken on a random block on the 28th July.

Lootboxes & Airdrop!

The team will be implementing the novel concept of ArgoPetz LOOTBOXES into the minting process this time round to gamify the mint.

Each Lootbox that you mint contain HUGE rewards like Stardust, Equipment, Gemstones AIRDROP (Think higher level / higher tier items) 👀

When you mint an ArgoPetz Lootbox, you will not only get a unique ArgoPetz NFT, you will also get airdrop of items that will further your progress in Atlantis! This makes each Lootbox extremely valuable.

More information soon!


Argo Petz can be staked in multiple ways to earn rewards and Prizes

  1. Cronos Chain partner listing and staking rewards ($MTD, $CORGIAI)
  2. Staked in Atlantis Planet expeditions and Races
  3. Staked & Quest alongside Argonauts in the Atlantean Trove (Atlantis V2) to earn valuable rewards

Cronos Chain Partnerships & Staking

The Argo Team has secure partnerships with Minted and Corgi AI to provide additional staking rewards and utility to Argo Petz. Tune in for more information in the near future for more details!

Atlantis Staking

You will be able to stake your ArgoPetz alongside Argonauts to boost your rewards in Atlantis Planet expedition & Spaceship racing!

  1. Boost your spaceship speed in races 🚀
  2. Increase Gemstone yield on your Planet expeditions🪐

Atlantean Trove Staking

We have been building out greater and more interesting experiences for Atlantis, the next phase being the Atlantean Trove.

Atlantean Trove introduces innovative and interesting staking & questing mechanics for both ArgoPetz & Argonauts to earn exclusive rewards.

Stay tuned 👀

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