Introducing Argonauts Lottery

A game of match… care to try your luck?

Why is this significant?

This officially kickstarts the multi-phase roadmap that the Argo team has planned out for Argo and Argonauts, which would be executed across multiple sprints planned from Q3 ’22 to Q2' 23 🔥

Now back to the Lottery launch.

At the end of the day, everybody loves winning. Some like winning small, others prefer to quash the competition and take home the prize.

Argonauts-only Lottery

Yes ser, Argonauts only.

  1. The initial pool is bootstrapped by us, for the Argonauts. We’re committing an initial prize pot of 1,000,000 xARGO into the pool

Discounts for more Argonauts you hold

Who doesn’t love discounts? 🔥

Argo Lottery Overview

So you might be curious as to how it works and the chances of winning — this is a simple game of Match 6. Buy a ticket, get 6 numbers, if they match up, you win. Of course, that’s the ultimate prize, and there will be lower tiers if you match fewer numbers.

Concluding (not really) Thoughts

We’re continuing to pivot and find better Product Market Fit for the Argonauts and Argo Finance products as we move along. The Lottery is a great way to win, but it is only the first step in our masterplan.



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