Atlantis Trove 2.0

Introducing Team Quest, Gears, Stake to Earn more rewards and prizes

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6 min readApr 24, 2024

GM Argonauts, we’re going live with Atlantis Trove 2.0. Get ready for an action packed season 1 of questing, staking and earning rewards with your Argonauts (yes, the Argonauts are back!) and Petz! Also read on more to discover more about the mysterious GEAR ⚙️

Let’s dive in!

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  1. What is the Atlantis Trove 2.0 and Questing?
  2. What are Gears and how to get them?
  3. Trove 2.0 Mechanics — Treasure chest, Orbs, XP

What is Atlantis Trove 2.0 and Questing?

Atlantis Trove 2.0 is the exciting evolution of the Trove that now incorporates vastly new mechanics, as well as the use of both Argonauts and Petz as a questing team.

Form your teams, go on quests and discover new treasures waiting to be unveiled. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a newcomer to the world of Atlantis, the Atlantis Trove 2.0 is bound to provide a new way for our Argonauts to participate in the Ecosystem.

When will Atlantis Trove 2.0 launch?

Atlantis Trove 2.0 will be launched on 6 May. Read on to find out more about Gear and the all new Trove questing mechanics!

What are Gears?

Like the name implies, Gears are boosters that can be equipped to teams to give them higher chances of attaining rarer treasures. Whilst teams can operate without gears, the ones that do will find themselves empowered more than their peers 🔥

Gear come in 3 rarities with differing boost power

  • Common ⚙️
  • Rare 💎
  • Immortal ⭐️

How to Obtain Gears?

Through Airdrop and Purchases. That’s right, we’re airdropping Gear to our loyal Argonauts to boost the start of their journey. There will be an initial supply of 9,900 Gear

  1. 3,300 will be airdropped.
  2. 2,200 will be minted with $ARGO at a discount on our Atlantis platform, to which all the $ARGO collected will be burnt. Only whitelisted users will be able to mint. Snapshot dates and details soon
  3. For those who wish to do obtain more gears, the last 4,400 will be released on Minted and Ebisus NFT marketplaces in $CRO.

How will Gears be incorporated?

Gear can be equipped to your questing teams to give them a boost in questing ability, which will be explained later in the article.

Gears when minted and airdropped will be in an unrevealed state and only have their rarity revealed before the launch of Trove 2.0

When will airdrop and mint occur?

Gear Mint Start: 30 April 2PM UTC
Gear Mint End: 5 May 2PM UTC
Gear reveal, Trove launch, Airdrop: 6 May

Atlantean Trove Mechanics

In Trove 2.0, users form teams of Argonauts and Petz to quest to find unrevealed treasure chests of varying rarities. Unrevealed treasure chests opens up to produce Orbs which give XP that strengthens an Argonaut. An Argonaut XP will also equate to rewards distributed at the end of the season 1. As you can imagine, the more XP an Argonaut accumulate, the more lucrative the rewards it will receive 🔥

Based on the number of Petz, type of Argonaut you have, and bonus boost from gears, the power tier of your team will change. The higher tier your team, the higher chance of you finding a rarer treasure chest which gives more XP.

Quest Duration

Quests run for 6 hours and in this period, teams will earn 1 chest each based on their power tier, which is covered more in detail below

Forming Teams and Power Tiers

One Argonaut can be teamed up with up to five Petz to form a complete team. These teams have various power tiers from 1 to 4.

As an example, if your team has 1 Celestial Argonaut and 3 Petz, this means your team power is 10 + (3 * 2) = 16, making this a Tier 2 powered team.

Using Gear to power up your Team

Up to Five pieces of gear can be equipped to each team to power them up. There are 3 tiers of Gear in 5 different categories, each with their own Multiplier. Multipliers will be revealed in time.

Example of Gear Boost

  1. Team power = 10 + (3 * 2) = 16
  2. Gear multiplier = (2 * X) + (1 * X) = ???
  3. Final Team power = Team power * (1 + Gear multiplier) = ???
  4. Final Team tier = ???

Questing for Chests


Each team will have a chance of obtaining various tiers of chests based on their power tier as outlined in the table below. Each of these chests have a certain chance of revealing differing types of Orbs that give XP. The higher tier chest will of course have a higher chance of rarer orbs.


Stronger Chests have a higher chance of getting a more powerful Orb. Each of these Orbs have a different amount of XP in them as outlined below.

An example is as follows with the gear boosted team used in examples above:

  1. You have a Tier 3 powered questing team, thus in each questing round, your questing team will earn 1 Tier 3 chest
  2. By opening a chest, you have a certain chance of obtaining 1 of the 4 types of Orbs outlined above.
  3. You open the chest and it’s your lucky day, it’s a Rainbow Orb
  4. This Rainbow Orb is recognised as 20 XP, which is added to the specific Argonaut’s season XP score
  5. As the rounds go by and you obtain more Orbs, the Argonaut’s season XP score accumulates and grows

NOTE: Treasure chest, Orbs, and XPs are tagged to Argonauts. Once you transfer or sell your Argonaut away, these treasure chests, orbs, and XPs follows the Argonaut to its new owner.


Of course, true to Argo’s nature, there will be a leaderboard for everyone to compete against each other.

Check out your friends on there, for it’s a competition to accumulate the most XP.

When will we get our rewards?

The first season will launch for 4 months till 31st August 2024. At the end of the season, prizes will be airdropped to users based on their XP points.

XP can be tracked via a leaderboard system which you will see on Trove 2.0