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ArgoPetz coming to you on 31st July 2PM UTC. Get ready CROFam!

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5 min readJul 25, 2023

Welcome to ArgoPetz Mint fellow Argonauts! 🔥

Are you ready to:

  • Receive random attractive airdrop prizes on mint?
  • Stake to earn more prizes and rewards?
  • Lucrative future utility with Argonauts?

Then pay attention, because it is beginning.

Sections ahead:

  1. Mint Details
  2. Lootboxes & Airdrop
  3. Mint Milestones & Rewards
  4. ArgoPetz Utilities
  5. Mint Technical Details
  6. Whitelist Qualification

Mint Details

Number of Petz Lootbox: 8,888

Whitelist Mint Date: 31st July 2023, 2PM — 3.30PM UTC
Whitelist Price: 449 CRO
Max Mint: 50 Petz Lootbox

Public Mint Date: 31st July 2023, 3.30PM UTC onwards
Public Price: 499 CRO
Max Mint: No Limits


Petz will be minted as pre-reveal NFTs. Reveal will happen 7 days after the mint concludes.

Lootboxes & Airdrops

We have taken an innovative and interesting approach to the ArgoPetz mint this time round!

Petz will be minted as Lootboxes. Each Lootbox will contain 1x ArgoPetz and random amounts of stardust, gemstones, and equipment airdrop!

  • 1x ArgoPetz
  • 1,000–100,000 $Stardust ($$$!)
  • 3–100 Gemstones (Tier 1)
  • 2–100 Equipment (Level 1)
  • The amount of prizes in each lootbox is randomised. If you’re lucky, you could be the winner of a large number of precious stardust and equipment 🔥

A holder snapshot will be taken 1–2 weeks post-mint to determine airdrop distribution.

Mint Milestones & Rewards

AGAIN, WHY MAKE MINTS BORING? So what we’re going to do is to lump in attractive rewards and thingamajigs into our mint process to further gamify the mint experience🔥

Here’s a preview of our milestones. Stand a chance to win some seriously amazing prizes that’ll level up your journey on Atlantis 🚀

  • 2000 Minted: Level 5 Equipment drop to 10 minters with 3 or more Lootboxes
  • 3000 Minted: Level 7 Equipment drop to 10 minters with 5 or more Lootboxes
  • 5000 Minted: Level 10 Equipment drop to 5 minters with 10 or more Lootboxes
  • 7000 Minted: EPIC GOLDEN SPACESHIP drop to 1 minter with 30 or more Lootboxes
  • 8000 Minted: EPIC GOLDEN PLANET drop to 1 minter with 50 or more Lootboxes
  • Mint Out!: Whale ArgoPetz drop to Top 5 Minters

ArgoPetz Utilities

  1. Cronos Partner listing & staking rewards ($MTD, $CORGIAI)
  2. Staking in the Atlantean Trove v1 for amazing rewards
  3. Questing in the Atlantean Trove v2 with your Argonauts Team

Atlantean Trove is already deep in building. Trove v1 will introduce native Petz staking for all Petz owners to stake their Petz for rewards. Trove v2 will subsequently introduce Argonauts Questing! A brand new refreshed gameplay to introduce further new utilties to both Argonauts and ArgoPetz collections. Both NFTs will hold great importance in v2. Keep watch 👀

Mint Technical Details

  • The mint will be an unrevealed mint. The reveal is set to happen 7 days post-mint (Exact date & timing to be revealed)
  • The team has prepared multiple levels of QA to prevent the possibility of metadata leakage.
  • The team will be minting 100 petz at random, these petz will be kept as reserves for future giveaways/events.
  • ArgoPetz ID will range from #1 — #8888. The ID will be randomised during the mint.

Whitelist Qualifications

  • Own 3 or more Argonauts
  • Own 3 or more Planets
  • 2000 XP on our Zealy Petz Sprint
  • Partner giveaways (check twitter for more of our partner WL giveaways!)

You will be able to check your whitelist eligibility directly at Petz Minting page (Link to be shared upon announcement) on the 29th July, just by connecting your wallet to the mint site.

Snapshot (Zealy, Argonauts and Planets ownership for WL)

Snapshots for Zealy, Planets, and Argonauts will be held at a random time on 28th July 2023.

We’ll be conducting a snapshot of all staked and wallet-held argonauts & planets — so don’t worry about unstaking your assets 🔥


The team is incredibly excited for this, simply because it’s the next step towards the full launch of Atlantis.

Getting into the whitelist is straightforward if you are active! — simply head on over to our Zealy page and complete a bunch of twitter RT quests. Each quest rewards a bunch of XP, so only a few quests are required to hit the whitelist!

We’re extremely passionate about our next step as a protocol and expansion of Argo further on Cronos, and we hope you are too as you join us on this journey!

Smooth sailing Argonauts, watch the skies 👀

Connect with us, Argonauts.

We are building a family here at Argo. Join our socials, keep up with our latest news, and chat with us, we look forward to answering any doubts and questions.

Be an #Argonaut today.

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