Argonauts Mint Day

Mint Details

Number of NFTs: 8,888
Whitelist Mint Date: 8th August 2022, 12PM — 6PM UTC
Whitelist Price: 450 CRO

Mint Milestones

Every now and then people like to have fun. And no one more so than us — WHY MAKE MINTS BORING? So what we’re going to do is to lump in a bunch of rewards and thingamajigs into our mint process 🔥

The Official Visual Mint Guide

1. Visit

You should be able to see the respective countdowns for Whitelist and Public mint if you enter before the correct mint timings


Yes. 2 steps, it’s that simple

  1. Select the number of Argonauts you’d like to mint
  2. Click “mint now”

Concluding Thoughts

We’re just as excited as you are for this — just saying that as a core team we actually don’t have mint passes or special NFTS, so as I type this I’m also readying my wallets for mint day with the rest of you guys (if someone gets an ultra rare before me I will literally smash my keyboard)

Connect with us, Argonauts.

We are building a family here at Argo. Join our socials, keep up with our latest news, and chat with us, we look forward to answering any doubts and questions.



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