Argo Ecosystem Partnership Program: Overview and Guidelines

Open invitation to projects to build on top of Argo — the most exciting community and ecosystem on Cronos

Argo Finance
3 min readAug 30, 2023

GM Argonauts. The Argo ecosystem has been constantly expanding and your our community has grown along with it! We have hit milestones after milestones together, and now we officially launch the Argo Ecosystem Partnership Program.

We want Argo to scale big. To do so, we are inviting fellow builders to build alongside us in the Argo ecosystem. We want it to truly be a thriving ecosystem of products and protocols, as we’ve delivered over the year. We want it to be a household brand of the #CROfam entrenched across multiple projects. As such, we are committed to supporting key projects and teams who are keen and capable to build on top of Argo, bringing newfound excitement into the ecosystem.

How does this benefit the #ArgoFam and #Crofam? By supporting new builders on Cronos, we want to deliver (or co-build) top quality projects to all #Crofam. These new projects will integrate clear utilities for the Argo ecosystem assets, benefiting the #ArgoFam


As the Argo ecosystem has grown significantly, we recognize the importance of giving back and ensuring sustainable growth. We want to support new builders building on Cronos and grow together as one. The primary objective of this is to provide support and guidance to new projects that leverage our existing assets and IP, further enriching the ecosystem’s utility.

Partnership Benefits:

As part of the partnership, we will be providing various support on:

  • PR & Co-marketing
  • Incentives, & potential investments
  • Technical engineering support
  • Token / NFT Launchpads

Project Criteria:

We are soliciting projects that demonstrate clear utilization of specific assets in our ecosystem:

  1. Argonauts and ArgoPetz.
  2. Planets, Spaceships, Gemstones, and Equipment.
  3. bCRO.
  4. ARGO/xARGO.

Application & Selection Process:

Who should apply?
If you are a project founder that is thinking of launching on Cronos or have already launched and wants to integrate Argo ecosystem assets into your project.

Selection Process
Projects will be evaluated based on:

  1. The merit of their ideas: How well it is thought out, if there is strong utilisation of assets and overall sense of the idea
  2. Proven team capability and clear plan for execution: Whether the team has the capability to deliver on their roadmap and a clear plan for delivery. Ideas are plentiful these days, so we are looking for team that can deliver
  3. Innovation & Growth Potential: Whether the project is building out Innovative on-chain utility

It is crucial that proposals not only present innovative ideas but also demonstrate a clear path to implementation and the capability to do so.

Application Procedure:

Details about the application process, including submission guidelines and evaluation criteria, will be released shortly. Interested parties are encouraged to prepare their proposals in anticipation.

For further information or inquiries about the Argo Ecosystem Partnership Program, please monitor our official channels. We look forward to the continued growth and enhancement of the Argo ecosystem.