Argo 2022 Roadmap

Ahoy Argonauts!

We’ll be exploring a little more details of our 2022 roadmap today.

Now there’s been alot of buzz around the IGO and we’re so hyped about it. Now we want to take a quick step back and talk about how things will work after the IGO.

Ready? Let’s CRO.

1. Mainnet Launch (Early Mid May)

We are all excited about the official launch of bCRO — that definitely includes the team at Argo.

Our Liquid Staking features and ARGO/xARGO governance features are fully ready and functional. In fact, we could launch on the day of the IGO itself. However, we deeply value security and are waiting on our smart contract audit, which is currently ongoing at the moment, to be finalized before we go live and launch on mainnet.

In the mean time, there’ll be farms available via our partners for ARGO in the short period from IGO till then — You’ve already seen what’s going to be available on VVS, await the next piece (huehuehue)

2. First Treasure Chest Event (Early Mid May)

All you Argonauts asking about “WEN KEYS, WEN CHEST” — This is it

That includes you lucky folks who won our recent Key airdrop. Again, don’t worry, we have all the details of those of you who won, the Keys will come when you need it to unlock the Chest.

More details fully fleshed out on the official event post closer to the date.

3. DeFi Vaults and Morale Integration (Q3)

We’re hard at work on the Vaults logic — much to be done to bring simplicity to the masses.

When this is launched, more users will be able to deploy their CRO to various strategies. You Argonauts will also be able to earn extra rewards via the Morale Mechansim.

4. Algorithmic CRO Delegation Strategy (Q3)

We’ve currently shortlisted a group of high quality validators for our mainnet launch to host all your beloved CRO. Deep analysis has been done by our team with help from wonderful individuals in the Cronos Chain team to understand and identify the safest validators out there.

This includes things like:

  • Infrastructure
  • Fail safes
  • Security practices
  • Error tracking

However, in the spirit of decentralisation, we’re actively working towards an algorithm to distribute staked CRO in a safe and measured manner. The algorithm will effectively distribute your CRO to the best validators based on a series of considered variables.

5. Argo DAO (Q4)

Now this is going to be exciting. We’re planning to launch the Argo DAO to facilitate better usage of $ARGO and MORALE with our governance features so that both Validators and Stakers can act towards their best interests (ooooooh)

We can’t say much yet on this, but it is a way to ultimately bring more utility to the protocol. Exciting! The sharper of you Argonauts can probably start to imagine how we’re thinking about this (heheheh)


We’re not going to stop until bCRO is used throughout the Cronos Ecosystem. That means forming new partnerships as we go along our journey. You’ve already seen out newest partner — Single Finance, whom we’re very excited to partner with for their delta neutral and leveraged strategies.

The team is hard at work assessing and speaking to new partners as we discover more use cases for bCRO.

7. Project Blue Ocean (SECRET)

COMMUNITY. That’s pretty much all I can say. Will walk the plank if I divulge more.

Phew, that was quite a chunk to walk through. I hope this clarifies some of the things we’re aiming to do to improve and expand Argo. Come join us as we build out the premier liquid staking protocol on Cronos. Till the next time folks

Smooth sailing Argonauts

Connect with us, Argonauts.

We are building a family here at Argo. Join our socials, keep up with our latest news, and chat with us, we look forward to answering any doubts and questions.

Be an #Argonaut today.

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