Announcing: Atlantis Planet Upgrade Campaign

Level up your planets and win amazing equipment giveaway!

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3 min readJun 23, 2023


Today the team brings excellent news. As we all know, it’s been a week since the launch of Atlantis and as such, many of your expeditions have now yield gemstone and stardust rewards 🔥

Now some of you may be busy selling those Gemstones, whilst others are using them to upgrade and compound their rewards back into their Planets

Well, have we got something for you 😃 Announcing the:


In lieu of our first successful expedition, the team will be giving away equipment to various planet holders who’ve upgraded their planets.

Task & Prizes

Campaign Task: Level planets up to level 10 (or more)
Prize: 30 x level 1 equipment per level 10 planet you own (Held in wallet or staked in Expedition)
Mega Prize: 3 x level 5 equipment for holders of the top 5 levelled planets


Campaign Start: 23 June 1400 UTC
Campaign End: 10 July 1400 UTC (Snapshot time)

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is to either hold the qualifying level 10 planets in your wallet or have the planet staked in expedition by 10 July 1400 UTC. The team will be conducting a snapshot to generate a list of qualifying wallets and planets for the airdrop.

Is there a guide for levelling up Planets?

Yes! Read here:

In the summary table below, it gives a reveal of levels 1–20 costs for Common Planets. Costs for Uncommon and beyond are simply a mathematical multiplication or addition to these numbers. Hurry and figure them out!

A leak of a portion of the level up table.. hm..

When will you drop the prizes?

Post snapshot, the team will be collating the numbers and announcing it to the community. We will then drop the prizes post announcement to the respective wallets.

What if there are ties for the top 5 levelled planets?

A raffle will be held amongst those that tie to select the top 5 to determine the ultimate winners.

Where can I track planet levels?

In your Inventory & then view details:

Under the Expeditions page:

You will be able to click on leaderboard and then planet level. There you should be able to see the current level leaders in the entire Atlantis.


Now most of you would’ve already gotten your gemstones from your first expedition. What if you need more gemstones between all your planets?

One excellent place is the Atlantis marketplace 🔥

No doubt there will be sellers of Gemstones in this occasion. Head on over to accelerate your journey! 🏎️

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